Friday, July 15, 2011

On Tattoo School...

     There's a lot of buzz going around the industry about the documentary series called 'Tattoo School', ranging from simple rants, to a full-blown industry boycott of The Learning Channel.  While there are plenty of elements to what we've seen on this show (and others, like L.A., or Miami Ink) that illuminate many questionable factors, such as lax aseptic technique, poor customer service, or a rushed approach to technical application.  This is an opportunity for the prospective tattoo client, and the budding tattoo apprentice to gain valuable insight into seeking an experienced professional, and putting forth the effort in learning the craft with patience, and dedication.
      "Rome was not built in a day." "Diligence is the mother of all good fortune." "A minute to learn, a lifetime to master." And, "If something if worth doing, it's worth doing right." are words to consider in the case of something like 'Tattoo School'.  This is especially relevant, considering a traditional Tattoo, or Piercing apprenticeship runs for a year or more.

       There are many in the industry who lambaste the the very notion of Tattoo School, or even programs like New York Ink.  What is unfortunate is that instead of seeing these programs for the grimoire that is presented, many consider these entertainment-based programs to be failed representations of the 'real' industry.  Yet like any grimoire; these shows demonstrate largely what to not do, and for those intent on being on the other side of the needle, what to avoid.

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