Friday, September 2, 2011

The custom tattoo process, how it works, and how to get the most out of it.

   When you're thinking about getting a new tattoo, there are many things that complicate matters, most of these are known only to the tattoo artist. Things like whether to get color, or simply black and grey, artistic style, font, placement and size are all important factors that have an impact on your tattoo. A critical factor that many seekers of tattoo work are unaware of is the impact the specific placement has on the tattoo application process; everyone's skin varies in elasticity and complexion from one place to the next, moreover the design itself can sometimes clash with the flow of the client's physique.  The tattoo to the right, for example, does not make adequate use of the "canvas", not to mention the mediocrity seen in the line work, and other details, though this may have been a 'stylistic' presentation of bad lining. One improvement to this design would have been the incorporation of background, or foreground elements to more fully realize the concept presented.
On the other end of the Execution/Planning Spectrum'; this portrait of Billy Bob Thornton's in Terry Zwigoff's 'Bad Santa', features an excellent use of color and detail, while fully utilizing the 'canvas', on the client's arm.  Like many tattoos, the subject of this one is of a personal nature, and is of primary significance and appeal to the client it was applied on.
     While there are so many things to bear in mind when planning your next tattoo; making sure that all is well when you and your artist set down to the actual tattooing is of the utmost importance, don't fall victim to a false sense of security when getting lettering done, especially when it's in a location that you cannot easily see while the tattoo is being applied, some unscrupulous artists make 'mistakes' and others, simply cannot spell, case in point...
Care, caution and planning should go into every tattoo you choose to have applied to you, , because it is after all, your choice.

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